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Financial Planning

It seems today that every stockbroker, insurance agent, annuity salesman, and investment advisor calls himself or herself a "financial planner." At Kovitz, we do not do financial plans, we do financial planning. What's the difference? A financial plan is often a nicely bound, thick booklet that includes lots of colorful graphs and charts and claims to lead you to the promised land of sipping margaritas on a beach, playing golf all day, or whatever else passes for your own version of utopia. Typically these plans gather dust while sitting unused on a shelf. We believe that financial planning is a process and only has value if the recommendations are implemented. We help our clients identify their challenges and think through the pros and cons of potential solutions (from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective). Then we help our clients implement the decisions that are right for them.

Our financial planners (attorneys, CPAs, and CFP® professionals) have spent much of their careers performing objective, fee-based planning (as opposed to using planning as a means to selling investment products). In our planning process, we address investment management, estate planning, and tax-related issues. Our professionals have been recognized by Barron’s, Worth Magazine, Journal of Financial Planning, Investment Advisor Magazine, and Financial Advisor Magazine for their expertise.

We are able to help our clients with:

Investment Management Services

  • Determining an appropriate overall asset allocation
  • Disciplined monitoring and rebalancing of the asset allocation strategy
  • Charitable gifting using appreciated securities
  • Exercising strategies for employee stock options
  • Managing risk associated with single stock exposure
  • Analyzing risks and opportunities relating to company sponsored employee benefit plans
  • Calculating and planning around IRA Required Minimum Distributions
  • Analyzing Roth IRA conversion/re-characterization strategies

Cash Flow and Needs Analysis

  • Defining retirement goals using Monte Carlo simulation
  • Goal funding analysis, including managing inherent risk
  • College savings strategies
  • Social security analysis

Estate and Income Tax Planning

  • Identifying estate and income tax planning goals
  • Reviewing existing estate planning documents
  • Suggesting potential estate tax saving strategies
  • Managing capital gains/losses effectively for tax purposes
  • Selecting retirement plans for the self-employed and small business owners


  • Analyzing life insurance needs
  • Reviewing of existing policies
  • Analyzing disability coverage

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